Mission / Vision

eHealthcare Mission

To increase life expectancy, improve the quality of life and reduce socio-economic barriers to health care by the early detection and prevention of diseases.

eHealthcare Vision

To implement a paradigm shift to a "Patient-Centric" approach to medical care through the use of telecommunication technology and bio-metric monitors.

eHealthcare Services

eHealthcare telehealth services are unique with the integration of Electronic Health Records and Biometric Monitoring Devices. Telehealth services allow a wide range of practices and specialities which involves interactions among patients and providers through smart phones, email, video chats or conferences, the internet, remote devices, tablets, computers.
Telehealth reduces patient and provider travel burdens, extends access to care beyond normal business hours, increases continuity of care, helps overcome geographical barriers in rural and underserved communities, provides support for patients managing chronic health conditions, enable patients who are vulnerable to COVID-19 to continue to recieve medical care safely and help stop the speard of infectious diseases.
Medical issues that do not require hospital visits can be resolved on the phone or computers and thoes needing a specialist or diagnostic unit will be subsequently reffered.
It is important to view telhealth/telemedicine services in a manner similar to those provided in person as it is another tool in the provision of quality care.