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    Product features of
    The eHealthcare All-in-1 portable platform is designed to help medical staff screen,

    diagnose and manage patients suffering from the World’s most widespread,

    cost-intensivenon-communicable diseases, Heart Disease,

    Respiratory Diseases and Diabetes.

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    H100 Homecare
    Body Temperature
    Non-invasive Blood Pressure
    3 Lead ECG
    Blood Oxygen (SP02)
    Blood Glucose
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    Cloud Based Electronic Health Record (EHR)
    An Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient's paper chart.

    EHRs are real-time, patient-centric records that make information available instantly

    and securely to authorized users.

Standard Bio-Metric Monitors

Includes Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Body Temperature, Blood Glucose, Pulse Rate, Heart Electrical Activity (12 Lead ECG)

Medical Uses

Suitable for Hospitals, Company Clinics, Medical Clinics, Emergency Vehicles, Schools and Doctors Offices.

Intelligent EHR

Medical Records are automatically saved to the users Intelligent EHR database and distributed and/or shared (user defined) with family members, doctors, hospitals..

Bio-Metric Screening Expandability

Drug Detection, HIV/AIDS, Cholesterol, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B/C/E, Pneumonia Uric acid, Blood fat.

Rapid Login

Personal identification with RFID card or private account with strict safeguard mechanism.

Telemedicine Benefits

The most modern form of medical services used in situations where the physician and patient are not in the same place..

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